SRI Commissions The LARIAT MKII - The world's first superconducting imaging NEXAFS We are proud to announce the successful completion and commissioning of the LARIAT MKII - superconducting imaging NEXAFS spectrometer. This is the world's most efficient electron spectrometer. You know you want one.

SRI Completes Move of LARIAT to NSLS II ! The Lariat MK II was designed for operation at NSLS II, the world's brightest synchrotron light source. The LARIAT MKII is one step closer to operation in its new permanent home. While we await "first light" we'll be testing our system on a lab x-ray and UV source. As the world's most efficient electron spectrometer we make the most of any source, so we'll begin testing before the beamline is actually operational.

SRI completes a system upgrade to the LARIAT MKI at BNL beam line U7A. The original LARIAT imaging NEXAFS spectrometer received a facelift to make future maintenance easier while also replacing a damaged phosphor.

E. L. Principe & Associates awarded NIST contract to produce a superconducting imaging NEXAFS spectrometer. Based upon the successful completion of the novel LARIAT MKI, E.L. Principe & Associates has been awarded a contract to produce a superconducting version of the same system. The superconducting coils allow a much higher magnetic field to be produced at the sample which translates into higher lateral resolution in the images. The LARIAT MKII will achieve better than 7um resolution across the 400m2 field of view. With the application of energy filtering and zoom magnification, it may be possible to achieve a two micron lateral resolution.