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Design and Production of High-Resolution Imaging Systems
When it is important to optimize resolution of your entire image detection chain, we have proprietary processes to ensure the highest level of system performance from the front end through to the camera. Given your specifications we can design and manufacture an imaging detection system to suit your needs.

Computer Instrument Control
We have expertise of all facets in the design of computer controlled instrumentation, including software user interfaces.

Technical Programming

Once you’ve acquired your data, it must processed to yield information concerning your sample. Since we are spectroscopists and microscopists as well as instrument designers, we understand the problem. This understanding allows us to create algorithms and custom interfaces that meet and anticipate customer needs.

Electron-Optical Design
The design of electron optical systems is the heart of spectroscopy and microscopy. Our team and resources have extensive capabilities in 3D modeling of magnetostatic and electrostatic systems. We are creative thinkers who solve problems.

Solid modeling, analysis and prototype capabilities include:
CNC Milling, 4'x4' CNC Plasma Cutter, 4'x4' CNC Router, two polymer 3D Printers, lathe, welding equipment.
UHV Test Chamber
Thermal emitter SEM
SolidWorks Premium, HSMWorks Professional CAM, Comsol ES and EM Modeling

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